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This post is dedicated to the Design Assignment “4 Icons/1 Movie”. I picked this one because I love movies probably just as much as I love music; I have seen quite a few. As I was trying to come up with a movie, though, I was getting stumped. It is as if I forgot about every movie I had ever seen or when I would come up with a movie I couldn’t think of the icons to use. I finally came up with the perfect movie along with the perfect icons. Surprisingly, I had actually not seen this movie until as of last summer, which blew my boyfriends mind, so he made me watch it. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite movie, but it is definitely a classic.

Assignment: 3 Stars

forrest gumo

This movie was was made in 1994 and the main actor is a very famous man in other movies such as The Polar Express, The Green Mile, Cast Away, and so many more. The 4 icons I chose were a suitcase, a man running, a bench, and a chocolate bar, which are all key elements to the movie that I think of immediately.
I used The Noun Project website to get all of my icons. Then, I used BeFunky to create a collage of the icons.

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