Justin Bieber is Missing!!

For this Design Assignment I chose to do the Missing Person poster. I knew I kind of wanted to do something that wasn’t taken seriously, and I also knew I didn’t just want to make a random character up. I started thinking of celebrities that are really popular and always in the news, and who pops right into my head? Justin Bieber. Every time I’m going through my Facebook or listening to the radio I swear there is a new story on Justin Bieber, whether it be him going crazy, doing illegal things, or finally changing his act. One thing that is always brought up about Justin Bieber is his on and off again relationship with Selena Gomez, which is changing every day. I┬áhinted towards this in the poster in the “last seen” area; I wanted to make it seem like Selena Gomez could be a suspect in his disappearance.
For this assignment, I created the missing persons poster on a website called canvas.com.

Assignment: 3.5 Stars


#ds106 #designassignments

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