The Secret Virus

We have all probably had that one time where that weird ad pops up on our computer, followed by what seems like a million more. This is what is known as a virus. I can say I have had a pretty nasty virus on one of my computers before and lost just about everything on my computer. They are just one of those things that you aren’t expecting to happen unless you are an avid watcher of illegally downloaded movies or listen to illegally downloaded music, then at that point you’re kind of just asking for one.
For this Design Assignment, the idea was to re-create a children’s book using computer terminology. I was going through a list of children books and came across The Secret Garden, which was one of my favorites in 5th grade. I tried to think of something that is “secret” in the computer world and I immediately thought of a virus because they usually pop up out of nowhere.
To create this children book, I simply found a cover of The Secret Garden and found a virus symbol. I used to overlay the virus word onto the cover.

Assignment: 4 Stars

the secret virus

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  1. I like the idea of “The Secret Virus” being a children’s book. I think the cover would look better if you edited the word and symbol to fit the style of the cover, so it doesn’t look so out of place. Looks like an interesting read, good job!

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