Photo Safari

Well, all I have to say is that this assignment was a lot trickier than I was expecting. I found myself running around my room trying to find things, but was failing. I did as many as I could, but definitely could’ve done better, especially if I was in a more open space, such as a mall. Here’s the pictures I took:

  1. START!!


2) ‘Take a photo that is looking through a frame or opening to something else.’


3) ‘Take a photo into bright light.’


4) ‘Take a photo of someone else’s shoe or foot.’


5) ‘Make an inanimate object look alive.’


6) ‘Take a photo where you move the camera as you take the photo, so it gives the subject a suggestion of motion.’


7) ‘Take a photo that shows a repeating pattern.’


8) ‘Take a photo of an interesting shadow.’


9) ‘Take a photo that represents joy.’


10) ‘Take a photo of two things that do not belong together.’


11) ‘Take a photo of something futuristic.’


12) ‘Take a photo at an unusual angle, e.g. looking looking up at something or looking down at something, or from the view of an ant.’


13) ‘Take a photo dominated by a single color.’


14) END!!




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