Weekly Summary Two

Well, week 2 is over just like that! I feel like this week went a lot smoother for me then last week just because I felt more comfortable with doing the assignments. I actually really enjoyed this weeks layout, especially the Design Assignments because it was something new compared to last week. I also got pretty into the Daily Creates this week, but didn’t quite reach my goal of doing one every day of the week like I wanted to.
I think my blog posts were a lot stronger this week with the narrative and process behind it compared to last week, so I’m hoping next week it will be even better. I think I chose some pretty awesome Design Assignments that turned out pretty good, too. I had never worked with or created GIFs before, and I honestly kind of forgo about those 2 that we had to do until last minute yesterday, but once I got working on them it was pretty cool. I liked how you could take a video that was anywhere from 2 minutes to 20 minutes and cut it down to your favorite part to make a clip into a GIF.
I think the thing that gave me some trouble this week was the DesignBlitz. I was expecting it to be a lot easier than it was because I was already familiar with the concepts of design. I really had to think about the things around me and which concept the item depicted. Once I finally got that down, though, I think I did a fairly good job at it. If I were to do something differently with this assignment, I would’ve attempted to take a photo showing each concept, but I had a little trouble with some of the harder ones. Another thing that I would’ve done differently this week is to interact more with the other people in the class. Being assigned 3 people to give feedback to I think helped because i sometimes forget to do things like comment on posts or interact with people on Twitter.
I think overall the assignments this week helped to open my eyes up to things like store logos and restaurant logos, and seeing the ways they are designed to grab peoples attention. I always knew there was a rhyme and reason to why things were designed certain ways, but this week helps show me how important the design of things is. Bad designs just aren’t effective, so time has to be put in before and during the creation of a design. I am excited to see what next week has in store!

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Wise Words of Massimo Vignelli




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How Do I Feel About the DesignBlitz?


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Eye See You


Here We Go Steelers!!


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Crime is Everywhere


Justin Bieber is Missing!!


The Secret Virus


Guess That Movie!


Beach Girls Gone Rock


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Jeeps For Life


2 Truths, 1 Lie


Human or Monkey?




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The Retro 8

You Talkin’ To Me?


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How Do I Feel About the DesignBlitz?

As I said in the post I made for the DesignBlitz, this weeks goal was to find different things around me, in my everyday life, that I think represent concepts of design. I thought I would do a good job with this because I have had experience with doing things like this in the past in art classes when I was in high school.
As the week went by I always had my eyes open for things to take pictures of, but I couldn’t seem to find a lot, even though there are concepts of design all around me. I think things like color and typography were the easiest things to find, but when it came to things like unity and use of space I was more stumped.
I think the times that I did choose were all effective designs; I don’t believe I came across any items in specific that were bad designs, but I also wasn’t on the look out for items that were designed poorly. I think the easiest things to take pictures of were logos of stores and posters because those are things that are designed to catch peoples eyes and have them remember. If those are designed poorly then people won’t remember it as well and the store could possibly lose business because of that. Overall, I thought this assignment was pretty tricky, but enjoyable at the same time because it made me realize how many things around me show design concepts.

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This weeks goal was to find things such as ads, signs, objects, etc. that display either good or bad principles of design. I thought I may have a little bit of an advantage because I have taken art classes in high school before and that was always a big portion of the class, finding things to show principles of design. I didn’t necessarily know what I wanted to take pictures of, I kind of just had my camera on me at all times this week to take picture of something that I thought described a principle of design. Here is what I found:

  1. The first thing that I took a picture of was the Target symbol; I tried to just take a picture of the symbol, but there was no way to do it without it looking awkward, so I just took a picture of the whole thing. The principle of design that I think this displays is metaphors/symbols. The bullseye logo that Target displays is something simple and easy to remember. It will always stick in peoples head that the red bullseye is a symbol to represent Target. I would say this is a good effort at a principle of design.


2) The second item that I took a picture of is a dart board. The principle of design that I believe this conveys is balance. If you were to cut the dart board in half it would be symmetrical on both sides, minus the numbers. I think this is a good design because it is pleasant to look at  and doesn’t make things confusing when trying to aim for the bullseye. If it were to be asymmetrical then it probably wouldn’t be as effective.Roblox Hack No Survey No Download


3) I tried to think of some signs that I see everyday when driving that would convey a specific principle of design and I think the stop sign was perfect. I think the biggest principle of design it conveys is color. Whoever designed the stop sign came up with a bold, eye-catching color, and now people know that when they see a sign that is red it is most likely a stop sign. I would say this could also represent typography in a way because the word “stop” is very bold and simple.


4) The last item I chose to represent a principle of design was my poster that I had hanging in my dorm room of the Beatles walking across Abbey Road. I think this poster does  good job at representing rhythm because the way each man is walking gives a sense of movement. It is something that most people recognize when they see it, so I would say it is a pretty good depiction of design.


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Eye See You

For this GIF we had to focus on eye movement. I wanted to do something creepy because when I think of eye movement, I think of scary movies and the weird puppet dolls. I looked up dolls eyes moving and found one on the Elf on a Shelf. I have a younger sister who is all about the Elf on a Shelf when Christmas time rolls around, but me on the other hand..I’m not too fond of it. I think they are the creepiest dolls ever. When I first opened the video I was surprised because I know the Elf on the Shelf dolls don’t move their eyes at all. Right when it got to the part of the doll moving its eyes I lost it; I am now even more terrified of them. I think it gave it the mysterious, sneaky vibe that the Elf on the Shelf doll already has.
To create this GIF, I found a video on Youtube that I thought was perfect. I then pasted the URL on to makeagif.com and then placed it on the time of the video I wanted it at.

Assignment: 2 Stars

#ds106 #AnimatedGIFAssignments #AnimatedGIFAssignments865Movie All Is Lost (2013)

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The Secret Virus

We have all probably had that one time where that weird ad pops up on our computer, followed by what seems like a million more. This is what is known as a virus. I can say I have had a pretty nasty virus on one of my computers before and lost just about everything on my computer. They are just one of those things that you aren’t expecting to happen unless you are an avid watcher of illegally downloaded movies or listen to illegally downloaded music, then at that point you’re kind of just asking for one.
For this Design Assignment, the idea was to re-create a children’s book using computer terminology. I was going through a list of children books and came across The Secret Garden, which was one of my favorites in 5th grade. I tried to think of something that is “secret” in the computer world and I immediately thought of a virus because they usually pop up out of nowhere.
To create this children book, I simply found a cover of The Secret Garden and found a virus symbol. I used BeFunky.com to overlay the virus word onto the cover.

Assignment: 4 Stars

the secret virus

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Crime is Everywhere

This Design Assignment was to create a crime scene. I got extremely excited when I came across this one because I love anything that deals with mysteries. I actually am majoring in Biology to further myself in Forensics and hopefully eventually become a crime scene investigator or work my way up to become a police detective. The reason because of this is that I grew up watching all the crime shows on TV such as Law and Order, CSI, NCIS, Dexter, etc… and they all always kept me extremely interested, and I always found myself thinking about how I wanted to do what they do.
The area that I chose to focus this crime scene on is actually the front yard of my moms house. The reason for this is because of the location of my moms house; we live on a street that is kind of in the middle of no where. Whenever I have friends come over they always say our street looks like a place that a scary movie would take place, so I thought her front yard was the perfect place to make this crime scene take place. I tried to make it look as real as possible with the police officers on scene and then also the police detectives recovering the evidence.
I edited this photo using BeFunky.com, which tends to be what I edit most of my pictures on because I find it that they make it simple to cutout pictures and add them onto others.

Assignment: 4.5 Stars


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2 Truths, 1 Lie

I remember when 2 truths and 1 lie was popular when I was younger. It was one of many little games that my friends and I would play. I don’t think I have ever played and described something else other than myself, so was little trickier to come up with something to say for DS106.


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