Wise Words of Massimo Vignelli

After reading this short booklet, it is very obvious that Vignelli is extremely passionate about the different aspects of graphic design. I started noticing throughout the reading that the word “design” was capitalized just about every time the word showed up. I thought this was interesting because you don’t really see words like that capitalized, more significant words are the ones you see capitalized, so what this told me is that he thinks of design as something very important.
When first reviewing this week and noticing that we would be dealing with techniques the first thing that came to mind was proper placements in photos/ads, bright colors, and large words. I was quickly proven wrong that those are just a few of the aspects of design. Vignelli helped me to understand the parts of design a little better by breaking it down into the tangibles and intangibles. It helped to show me that you not only need to think of the obvious things like color, scale, texture, contrasting, layouts, etc…, but that you also need to think bout the idea of the design and end product before you even start. He helped me to better realize that there is usually meaning and thought that goes into a certain design before it is made into a final product because if no thought is put into the design, then what is the point of it?
Honestly, I didn’t know how much I would actually get out of reading his short little booklet because, to me, I thought I already knew enough about design, but clearly I was wrong. I now know that I need to put detail and thought into creating photos and pieces for the design to turn out nicely. It makes me want to set higher standards for myself when coming up with a design for a certain photo. I can’t wait to take his words of design wisdom and put them to use for the DesignBlitz this week; I think it will be a good way to make me more aware of my surroundings and be on the look out for ads that are constantly¬†around me that use these design techniques.

Here’s a link to his booklet:

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