Movie Titles A-Z

I have said before I love music, but one thing I have failed to mention is that I also love movies. I created an A-Z collage using movie titles, some are my favorites and others because I couldn’t think of a specific movie for that letter.

A- Alice in Wonderland
B- Blades of Glory
C- Cinderella
D- Dude, Where’s My Car?
E- E.T.
F- Forrest Gump
G- Gremlins
H- Hitch
I- Inside Out
J- James Bond
K- Kangaroo Jack
L- Lady and the Tramp
M- Mrs. Doubtfire
N- Night at the Museum
O- October Sky
P- Peter Pan
Q- Quarantine
R- Rango
S- Superman
T- The Avengers
U- Unbroken
V- Vacation
W- Watchmen
X- X-Men
Y- Year One
Z- Zoolander

A-Z Collage_123

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