The Art of Audio Storytelling

This week deals with audio storytelling, and to be completely honest, I got a little nervous. I have never done anything where I have to record myself talking or doing something without my face being in the picture; I don’t like listening to myself on audio as I know a lot of people don’t. After watching the videos of Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad I felt a little more at ease and relaxed because they helped point out a few things that are important.
I watched all 4 videos of the interview with Ira Glass and was intrigued with what he had to say and learned a lot of things about the art of audio storytelling.┬áHe really emphasized how audio storytelling is completely different then your typical story that you would write in a class at school. He said the key things are anecdotes and the moment of reflection, meaning that the anecdotes are a sort of build up of something happening and within those anecdotes there is a reasoning for the story. another thing that he asked about is finding good stories to talk about on the radio. I think this would be something that I would struggle with in the beginning just because I don’t keep up with the news as much as I should. I agree with him on that,t hough, because whenever I listen to radio shows in the morning, such as the Kane Show, they always have really interesting stories that grab my attention. He basically said that the whole art of audio storytelling takes time and a while to get good at, which is something that I am going to have to keep in mind because I have a feeling I’m going to get frustrated when I try this weeks assignments. The last thing Ira covered was that when talking on audio you need to just be yourself, you can’t act like all the newscasters you see on TV. People are more relatable when you act yourself. This is something I found interesting because I know exactly what he means, whenever I have acted like I’m going to talk on the radio or the news I always try and make myself sound proper, so now that I know this I am going to have to try and act like myself as much as possible.
The next interview was with Jad Abumrad and what his main point was, is that even though the listeners can not physically see the people speaking, it builds a sort of intimacy. The listeners get to picture how they think things look based off of the speakers descriptions, which I think is a really awesome thing to do because two people could picture something to look completely different based off just on description. He used the word co-authorship, which is neat way to look at it. It makes me feel like I’m helping to build the story.
I really enjoyed listening to these audios storytellers tips and information because I really think it will help me when doing the audio assignments this week.

Ira Glass Interview:

Jad Abumrad Interview:

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2 thoughts on “The Art of Audio Storytelling”

  1. I too was nervous when I realized we were doing audio storytelling. I personally hate hearing the sound of my voice in a video or recording, it’s just weird to me. From reading your reflection I’m assuming you also realized that the anecdote is super important in audio storytelling. I felt that the anecdote along with constantly trying to improve were the main points that he attempted to provide. The part you wrote about helping build a story caught my attention. I didn’t think of it that way but your point is corrected, in a sense we do help complete the story.

    1. Yeah, I 100% agree about feeling weird about hearing my voice. I think it’s because we all hear in our heads what we think we sound like, and then once we actually hear the real deal we’re surprised, at least thats how it is for me! The anecdote was definitely a big point that Ira Glass kept referring to, and going through the audio assignment bank this week and completing he assignments, I understand now why the anecdote is so important. I actually ended up having fun with the assignments I chose to do from the bank, so I guess you just have to kind of work with what you’re comfortable with to enjoy it the most!

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