Eye See You

For this GIF we had to focus on eye movement. I wanted to do something creepy because when I think of eye movement, I think of scary movies and the weird puppet dolls. I looked up dolls eyes moving and found one on the Elf on a Shelf. I have a younger sister who is all about the Elf on a Shelf when Christmas time rolls around, but me on the other hand..I’m not too fond of it. I think they are the creepiest dolls ever. When I first opened the video I was surprised because I know the Elf on the Shelf dolls don’t move their eyes at all. Right when it got to the part of the doll moving its eyes I lost it; I am now even more terrified of them. I think it gave it the mysterious, sneaky vibe that the Elf on the Shelf doll already has.
To create this GIF, I found a video on Youtube that I thought was perfect. I then pasted the URL on to makeagif.com and then placed it on the time of the video I wanted it at.

Assignment: 2 Stars

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